GURU Paid Partnership Package


$29 a month



Ridiculously Affordable & Incredibly Effective Advertising Package: Guru

Imagine your brand getting thousands upon thousands of impressions at our monthly parties and across multiple digital platforms … at an unbeatable price.

We’ve remove all financial barriers, because we want your business to succeed!

Less than $1.00 a day advertising-UNHEARD of UNBEATABLE price!

Let’s get you enrolled today and get your profits to soar in 2020.


What’s Included:

  • Hollywood Banner Advertisement
    The Hollywood Banner is the focal point of our events. Your brand will not only be visable to all the M+arty ‘members’ on the banner, but also the venue staff, local patrons and digitally shared across social media for the entire year. Talk about fantastic brand awarenes!!!

  • Slide Show Advertisements
    Running, rotating slideshow with ads for your company displayed during events.

  • Welcome Banner
    Your business featured on the welcome banner that greets all attendees at every events.

  • Profile Board
    The Profile Boards are a great way to showcase your professional success without being bragadocious. The Profile Boards are a hidden treasure that helps every M+arty attendee learn about you in depth, which builds interest and trust. The boards are yours to not only display at our events but could be used in your place of business, trade shows, or other events. These boards are also a large reason why new attendees don’t feel lost in a sea of people they don’t know-many first timers spend time reading each and every profile board to feel more comfortable and connected to the organization.

  • E-Newsletters
    Over 2000+ recipiants will see your brand across e-newsletters with hyperlinks to your perspective website, making it that much easier for anyone to connect and do business with you.

  • Facebook Profile
    Your brand will be featured on the Facebook Profile information, giving yet another place for people to learn about you, connect and do business together.

Live Event Advertising: January – November 2020
Digital Advertising: January – December


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